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The San Diego Film Commission Foundation, a California Charitable 501.c.3 nonprofit, formed on March 16, 2004 dedicated to fostering the growth of the local film industry, providing educational and economic opportunities for thousands of San Diego residents, while building outside interest to film in our region.

The benefits of film in a community are:
Industry benefits with hiring crews, acting talent, pertinent local equipment rentals, catering companies, and production goods and services
A feature or a TV series will employ 100 – 300 crewmembers. Commercials may be a bit smaller 65-100
Just one Automotive Commercial shooting in San Diego employed on one day alone, 60 crew members, and 26 actors, they shot for six days
Outside benefits include purchase of hotel rooms, rental cars, restaurants, and off-hour entertainment.
When “Titanic” filmed in Baja, American Shoe Repair fixed 200 pairs of wet shoes a day
$70 million was spent on San Diego doctors, and nurses
Promote tourism as films and television shows are "soft-sell" vehicles
Simon and Simon came up as the “Other” reason people came to San Diego, after being interviewed by the San Diego Tourism Bureau as to why they came to San Diego
Kansas City Barbeque continues to draw people, due to the film “Top Gun”

With the benefits of the upcoming California tax benefits, San Diego is primed to benefit with the 5% additional tax credit on projects filming outside of the 30 mile zone (Los Angeles), and applicants can accrue bonus points depending on how many days are filmed outside that zone

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